Mark's Gospel

Mar 3:13–9: Church leadership Twelve apostles. Judas Iscariot. Role of elders. Qualities of elders. Leadership is male. Choosing elders. Satanic attacks. Obey your leaders.

Mar 3:20–30: Blasphemy against the Spirit Beelzebub. A strong man. An eternal sin. God's grace. A limit to God's patience. Now is the day of salvation.

Mar 3:31–5: Jesus' mother and brothers Interpreting prophecy. Opposition. Confessing Christ. Confession is essential. God's family. A happy ending.

Mar 4:1–20: The parable of the sower Why Jesus spoke in parables. The seed is the word. Scattering the seed. The seed along the path. The seed on rocky places. The seed among thorns. The seed on good soil. Those who don't produce a crop. Predestination and free will. Our responsibility. Confirm your calling and election.

Mar 4:21–3: Let your light shine before men The first theme. Jesus is the light of the world. We are the light of the world. The fruit of the light. Living to please God. Exposing darkness. Silent witness.

Mar 4:24–5: Consider carefully what you hear The way of salvation. Old Covenant symbolism. With the measure you use. Whoever does not have. Do not lose what you have. Laziness in spiritual matters.

Mar 4:26–34: Parables of the kingdom Parable of the growing seed. The living Word. With our help. Harvest of the earth. Parable of the mustard seed. Other parables.

Mar 4:35–41: How big is your God? Who is this man? The Incarnation. Knowledge of God.

Mar 5:1–20: The men from the Gerasenes Satan is a robber. Jesus Christ is Lord. Territorial spirits. Spiritual battles. Demons in animals. Dressed, and in their right minds. The power of testimony. By the testimony of two or three witnesses.

Mar 5:21—6:6a: Your faith has healed you An incurable disease. Who touched me? Do not doubt. The resurrection of the dead. A prophet without honour. Lack of faith.

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