Mark's Gospel

Mar 1:1–8 Foundational truths: Deity of Christ, Humanity of Christ, Good News, Repentance, Transformation, Perfection of Christ, He will baptize you.

Mar 1:9–11 Baptism: Washing our sins away, Death and burial, Pledge of a clear conscience, Immersion not sprinkling, Baptism of the Spirit, Empowered.

Mar 1:12–28 The anointing: Tempted, Anointed, Angels, The time had come, Call to discipleship, Authority, Driving out demons, Two kingdoms.

Mar 1:29—Mar 2:12 Healing the sick: Rebuking a fever, Sickness should be resisted, Jesus' popularity, Radiating his glory, Jesus is willing, Importance of the Word, Faith in action, Saved and healed.

Mar 2:13–7 The worst illness of all: The extent of our Lord's forgiveness, Power in the blood, Sin is an illness, God's remedy, Conclusion.

Mar 2:18–20 Fasting: Is fasting obligatory? Fasting emphasizes repentance, Fasting brings directions from God, Fasting empowers ministries, Fasting delivers from evil, Fasting aids personal sanctity, Practicalities of fasting.

Mar 2:21–2 New wine into new wineskins: Tradition, Flexibility, Change, The church, The believer, Patching up the old, Spiritual gifts, Remain flexible.

Mar 2:23–8 Lord of the Sabbath: The gospel in creation, The seventh day, A shadow of Jesus, Let no one judge you, Christian festivals, He is Lord.

Mar 3:1–6 The wrath of God: Jesus the image of God, God's wrath, Salvation through Christ, Sorrow and pain.

Mar 3:7–12 The popularity of Jesus: From every direction, Followers of Christ, You are the Son of God, The Lord's dwelling place, Forbidden to tell.

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