Salvation How are we saved? Saved from our sins. Born of the Spirit. What standard of holiness? Acceptance assured.

Born again Necessity of the new birth. Made in his image. Jesus the creator. Spiritual and physical death. Rebirth. Faith in Jesus.

Requirements for salvation: Chosen Adoption to sonship. Chosen by the Father. Will everyone be saved? Jacob I loved. A changed life.

Requirements for salvation: Born again Born of water and the Spirit. Water for repentance. Isaiah's conversion. The company of the prophets.

Requirements for salvation: Faith Faith comes from God. The first to be born again. The first martyr. The cost of faith.

Requirements for salvation: Following Jesus Follow me. Go and make disciples. Love for God. Carry your cross. The cost of discipleship. Christ's slaves. Follow wholeheartedly.

Requirements for salvation: Righteousness What is righteousness? Three kinds of righteousness. The need for Christ's righteousness. The need for our own righteousness. Get yourself ready.

Requirements for salvation: Obedience Eternal life begins with obedience. Not everyone who says to him, 'Lord'. Obedience of the prophets. Elijah was fed by ravens. Where are the Elijahs?

Requirements for salvation: Fruit-bearing A solemn warning. Fruit in keeping with repentance. Apart from me you can do nothing. Remain in me. David's backsliding. David's restoration. David's fruit-bearing.

Requirements for salvation: Perseverance Perseverance produces fruit. Perseverance and falling away. Perseverance brings maturity. Job's perseverance. Healed and restored. Run so as to get the prize. Stand firm in the faith.

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