Praying with confidence Salvation through the name. Praying according to God's will. Praying for healing. Praying for sinners to be saved. Conclusion.

Unanswered prayer Praying outside of God's will. Praying with doubt. Delayed answers. Sin in our lives. Satanic opposition.

Prayer reminders Spiritual warfare. Justice against our adversary. Praying for believers. Praying for governments. Praying for ourselves. The peace of God.

The power of persistent prayer Two blind men. A Canaanite woman. Jacob wrestled with God.

The Lord's Prayer Praying without the Spirit. Praying with the Spirit.

Pray to escape the tribulation A warning from Jesus. The wrath of God. Righteousness. Walking with God. The wrath of Satan. The tribulation. Sifted as wheat. Watch and pray.