Money, Possessions

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob To know fully. Only one master. No middle ground. The blessing of God. Jacob's tithing.

Melchizedek Mysterious Melchizedek. Jesus and Abram. A tenth.

The atonement money Lives atoned for. One price for all. Ransomed lives. Protection from the plague. Used in his service.

The offering for the tabernacle More than enough. The cost of giving. Offering for the temple. Solomon: a type of Christ. Everything comes from God. God tests the heart.

The feasts of the Lord The Feast of Unleavened Bread. The Feast of Harvest. The Feast of Ingathering. Give and it will be given to you. God wants lambs, not donkeys. Offerings for priests and Levites.

Tithing in the Old Testament Support for the Levites. The Lord's offering. Eat and rejoice. The poor tithe. Righteous acts.

Borrowing Facts and figures. Let no debt remain outstanding. Be willing to lend. Reasons for borrowing. Return what you borrow. Lordship. Borrow as little as possible. Be led of the Spirit.

The Christian's attitude to money A rich ruler. Hidden treasure and a pearl. Zacchaeus. The love of money. Godliness with contentment. Spiritual riches our goal. Salvation is all that matters.

Rich Christians Warning against greed. The rich fool. Salvation of the soul. Treasure in heaven.

Doing good to all people Faith and works. The way of salvation. The good Samaritan. Mercy triumphs over judgement. Be merciful.

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